Artisanal Soap / Jabo Artesanal

Our soaps are carefully formulated to achieve a balance between moisture, lather and cleanliness. They are made with traditional methods in hot and cold processes, each batch acquires its own personality, and we do not guarantee that the bars will be the same from batch to batch, only the quality and ingredients will always be consistent.We use additives and natural exfoliants to achieve them. desired results. Soaps must go through a 5-week curing process, although we always try to have a supply it may be possible that there is a shortage in our best-selling soaps.

  • The orange soap provides a zesty feel of summer and brightness for the skin.


Nuestros jabones están formulados cuidadosamente para lograr un balance entre humectacion, espuma y limpieza. Se elaboran con los metodos tradicionales en proceso frío y caliente, cada lote adquiere su propia personalidad, y no garantizamos que las barras sean iguales de lote a lote, solo la calidad y los ingredientes siempre serán consistentes.Usamos aditivos y exfoliantes naturales para lograr los resultados deseados. Los jabones deben pasar por un proceso de curacion de 5 semanas, aunque siempre procuramos tener abastecimiento puede ser posible que haya escasez en nuestros jabones mejor vendidos.


Ingredients (Ingredientes):

Coconut oil (cocos nucifera), olive oil (European olea L), palm oil (elaeis), canola oil (brassica napus var. Napus), lard, LYE, fragrance.

Artisanal Soap / Jabo Artesanal